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About Studio

The word Animus in Latin meant Soul, spirit, mind, pride and courage. We couldn’t think of a better name to represent all the qualities this company would need in order to succeed.
by Frank Cefalu / CEO

Animus Interactive is an independent gaming studio and self-publisher with its offices based on the East Coast. Animus Interactive was created with the goal of trying to create next generation Real Time Strategy games.

In 2016, Animus Interactive released their first title Avalon Lords into Early Access on Steam. It was their first game to represent the companies direction. Avalon Lords is expected to have a full release first quarter for 2017.

Our Games

Avalon Lords: Dawn Rises

A Medieval Real-Time Strategy game combining classic RTS elements with modern fast-paced, epic scale single and multiplayer battles across beautifully rendered 3D maps.

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Ascendancy is our newest project in the RTS World. More to come soon about this project.

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