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About Studio

The word Animus in Latin meant Soul, spirit, mind, pride and courage. We couldn’t think of a better name to represent all the qualities this company would need in order to succeed.
by Frank Cefalu / CEO

Animus Interactive is an independent gaming studio and self-publisher with its offices based on the East Coast. Animus Interactive was created with the goal of trying to create next generation Real Time Strategy games.

In 2016, Animus Interactive released their first title Avalon Lords into Early Access on Steam. It was their first game to represent the companies direction. Avalon Lords is expected to have a full release first quarter for 2017.

Our Games

Avalon Lords: Dawn Rises

A Medieval Real-Time Strategy game combining classic RTS elements with modern fast-paced, epic scale single and multiplayer battles across beautifully rendered 3D maps.

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Ascendancy is our newest project in the RTS World. More to come soon about this project.

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Our Team

Frank Cefalu

Founder / CEO

For 2000 years Frank has been on this earth defending it from evil. Every day he has fought against the nightmare whose face is represented by an army of kittens. That is right. The cute and cuddly face is a cute and cuddly face of evil. Frank has been on this earth fighting them ever since for the world's protection.

Chris Schoolcraft

Lead Game Designer

The wise, old man of the team, Chris spends far less time with the former and seems to concentrate on the later. Gaming since Pong was all the rage, he has been working on home computers since the glory days of Commodore. A true geek at heart, Chris is also a long time tabletop RPG and strategy war gamer. Once he's had his fill of long walks on the beach, smelling the flowers and licking the windows, he enjoys crushing in some orc skulls while he relaxes with good friends, soggy pizza and a cold beer.

Ryan Scahill

Project Manager / Lore Writer

After sailing the seven sea’s in search of whiskey and purpose Ryan settled in Long Beach California. A born leader ready to conquer the digital realm steering this ship through spreadsheets and a keen eye for keeping his crew’s heads above water and enjoying the ride that is life in game development. While He is still working on his sea legs on this new horizon of the digital sea’s, he has a thunderous laugh sailing into the storm.

Moneeb Mohammed

3D Modeler

This is my thing (born out of his homeland blooming like a flower in the desert comes this guy looking like a prisoner working hard studying and sacrificing his sleep to help creating the new miracle of gaming never giving up failing more than he succeeded armed with experience and passion our 3D modeler bringing those paper works and 2D drawing into breathtaking models fighting his way up while secretly trying to take over the world using games he'll keep annoying Justin and take his place then taking over animus interactive proceeding to take over the world this summer the new 3D artist will start his plan will you help him ) he's still nice so don't worry the world under his command will be a beautiful place to live


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